Consolidated cargo transport

Consolidated cargo transport by road or sea is a possibility to reduce prime cost of your production where it requires purchase of raw materials, however their volume is not so large to order a full container or truck. In this case costs per kilometre are important and delivery usually takes more time, because logistics terminals where cargoes of several customers are consolidated are used to ensure optimum transport price. If you choose combined cargo shipment, it is important to plan it timely.

Cargo delivery to festivals and sports events

Cargo delivery to festivals or sports events is a complicated process, because it requires accurate planning regarding delivery time, and also unloading at the venue, and operative loading of equipment, fencing or stands to transport everything back.

Delivery and unloading of pontoons

Pontoons are construction elements for building floating houses, floating boat decks or even floating sauna houses. In order to build a stable platform on the water, it must have two joined pontoons underneath (on both sides).

Express delivery to Denmark

Taking into consideration the increasing demand of customers for fast deliveries, also SIA Vervo offers services where speed of delivery plays a decisive role. This type of cargo delivery is important both for large manufacturers and sellers who must ensure delivery of goods at the agreed time. Just few years ago delivery prices of such cargoes per one kilometre were high, but along with an increasing demand for such type of cargoes to and from Latvia, price per kilometre has considerably decreased.

Delivery of metal constructions

Iron and steel articles are among TOP 10 Latvian export industries. Metal constructions manufactured in Latvia are mainly used in Germany, Poland and Lithuania where constructions of various configurations are delivered and installed.

Transport of dangerous goods

Domestic and international carriage of dangerous goods (ADR) are strictly regulated, because they have irreversible impact on human health and life, and environmental damage as well.

Large-sized cargo

We are glad about Latvian companies that create high added value product export from an industry so crucial for Latvia — forestry. Module houses produced by Latvian carpenters and craftsmen are being exported to Northern Europe for many years, where they are appraised for their high quality.

Boat delivery

Carriage of boats pose a challenge for their owners to find a suitable transport company that could provide this service at good quality.

Carriage of artworks and items to and from Latvia

Artworks as an object of safe investment has been used for many years; people create their private collections both from art auctions, to supplement their collection, or — quite the opposite — sell some of the pieces in their possession.

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