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In mailing or cargo transport industry postal code is a crucial component of address as it helps to plan transport route at good quality. Postal codes are used in 117 countries worldwide and their format may differ depending on the country.

How to use a postcode - zipcode finder?

Enter the address in the address field, or move the map marker with the mouse pointer to the desired location, and you will get the exact location address along with the postcode.

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Significance of accurate postal code

When planning mailing or cargo loading or unloading a precise postal code of the location must be known, because in some countries, such as Germany, Belgium and France, where the postal code is attributed to a region, search provides a large number of results. Separating the regional code from particular location, one arrives at a precise cargo delivery or loading address and ensures accurate calculation of transport costs and prevents misunderstandings where the carrier is not sure where the loading or unloading must take place.


There are situations when, receiving a mailing or transport order without correct postal codes, the carrier goes to pick it up at totally different place. The simplest example is county centre Ērgļi and populated area Ērgļi in Bauska region with 146 km distance between both locations.

There is also a populated area Malta in Malta parish with postal code LV-4630, and a country Malta, 3,500 km away. In this case difference in transport price offer will be huge.
Before ordering a delivery to a new route, make sure if the postal code is correct, because specialists from SIA Vervo will calculate the route according to the postal code.
Experienced and professional logistics specialists form SIA Vervo will gladly find the quickest transport solution. Contact our customer service manager and we will find the most suitable solution, besides — our logistics service prices will definitely cheer you up!

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