Information about holidays in countries from and to which Vervo LLC offers freight carriage.

Holidays mainly affect the carriage performed by motor vehicles,
because they are subject to driving restrictions due to holidays.

These restrictions basically apply to trucks and vehicles above 7.5 tonnes — type of transport most widely used to make an inland carriage. For example, in Germany such vehicles are prohibited to drive on Sundays and official holidays between 12 am and 10 pm. When planning freight carriage during the holidays, you must take in consideration not only the driving restrictions in individual countries, but also working hours of consignors and consignees, as well as changes in the ferry traffic etc. In order to have a timely delivery, freight transport services should be performed timely by contacting transport managers of SIA Vervo!

Country Holiday Date
Bulgaria Bulgarian Education and Culture Day 24.05
Macedonia Saint Cyril and Methodius Day 24.05
Austria Ascension Day 26.05
Belgium Ascension Day 26.05
Denmark Ascension Day 26.05
Finland Ascension Day 26.05
France Ascension Day 26.05
Georgia Independence Day 26.05
Germany Ascension Day 26.05
Liechtenstein Ascension Day 26.05
Luxembourg Ascension Day 26.05
Monaco Ascension Day 26.05
Netherlands Ascension Day 26.05
Norway Ascension Day 26.05
Sweden Ascension Day 26.05
Switzerland Ascension Day 26.05
Armenia First Republic Day 28.05
Azerbaijan Republic Day 28.05
Azerbaijan Republic Day Holiday 30.05
Croatia State Holiday Croatia 30.05
Austria Whit Sunday 31.05