Useful information about transport industry

Transport and logistics industry is regulated by a large number of domestic laws and regulatory enactments and international regulations and standards.

Main issues related to transport and logistics industry:

Transit corridor

Ports and infrastructure
Rail transport
Carriage by road
Airports and routes

Border crossing

Border control
Customs control
Veterinary and phytosanitary control


State institution
International organizations


Freight carriage restrictions in Riga
Large-sized and heavy cargo permit
Incoterms 2000


Holidays mainly affect the carriage performed by motor vehicles, because they are subject to driving restrictions due to holidays.

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New Incoterms 2010 elaborated by the International Chamber of Commerce became effective on 1 January 2011,
and they were amended mainly due to the international practice of USA, as well as the fact that borders have lost their significance in the international trade, for example, in the territory of the European Union.

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Freight Forwarder Law

Provisions of freight forwarder and freight forwarding services. Issued in compliance with the "On restoration of the Law "The Composition of the Cabinet of Ministers” dated 1 April 1925". These regulations define the legal status of the freight forwarder, types and procedure of his activities, according to which the forwarding services are allowed to take place.

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The CMR convention

Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) is a convention signed among the consignor, carrier and consignee, ensuring standard terms of the international carriage by road, especially concerning the necessary documents and carrier's responsibility to simplify the carriage by road and international commerce.

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Type of containers

Katram no mūsu konteineru pārvadājumu veidiem ir pieejami dažādi konteineru izmēri, kurus var izmantot atbilstoši preču daudzumam um īpašībām. Iespējams veikt arī salikto konteineru pārvadājumus. Izvēlies atbilstošu koneineri savas kravas specifikai.

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Trailer and semi-trailer type

Different trailer and semi-trailer types are available for carriage by road and they can be used according to the number and properties of goods. It is possible to perform combined cargo carriage. Choose appropriate transport according to the specifics of your cargo.

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Pallet sizes

Pallets are tare used for loading and unloading of different cargoes. Pallet construction makes it possible to optimise transporting of goods.
Pallets can be different and they can be used according to the number and properties of goods.

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