Sea Freight Services
The most comfortable solution for large-sized cargoes and large distances

Vervo LTD is transport and logistics company offering maritime transport. We ensure all kinds of maritime transport — both in containers and non-standard cargoes. In case of maritime transport we ensure the most economic and optimum freight delivery according to customer's budget from any point in the world.

What does the sea freight services offer?

Not all cities can be accessed easily and quickly by roads. Sea transport is the most comfortable way to deliver large cargoes if the location of dispatch and reception is located close to the port. Our sea freight services includes all phases of cargo preparation and processing from cargo reception until a successful delivery.

The offered types of sea freight transport:

High-Cube containers

Maritime transport of containers with 20', 40’ and 40’ high-cube containers.

Flat Rack containers

Non-standard maritime transport with flat rack containers

Open Top containers

Non-standard maritime transport with open top containers.

Contact us and we will offer you competitive prices and acceptable terms for sea freight services.

Available sea freight services:


Consolidated cargo transport

Bulk cargoes

Loose cargo and bulk cargo transport


Full container transport

Temperature control

Temperature controlled cargo transport

Dangerous cargoes

Transport of fragile and easily breakable goods

Liquid cargo

Liquid cargo transport

Advantages provided by cooperation with Vervo

We coordinate total amount of freight carriage with the largest shipping lines to provide the highest quality of transport, ensure the best place and prices for customers’ container transport. We also provide full service and port to port delivery of cargoes. Our services include:
sea freight
Port to port freight delivery
Door to door carriage
Services of customs warehouse
Container loading and unloading
Organisation of full cycle of container transport
All kinds of sea/ocean/river cargo forwarding
International delivery terms according to Incoterms
Cargo collection and consolidation
Organisation of cargo reloading in the ports
Customs agent services

We will also take care of formalities — you will not have to worry and spend time to settle import and export formalities.

The main advantages of sea freight services

Maritime transport is a fast and the most economical way to deliver the cargo in very distant destinations. The main advantages:


Maritime transport is one of the most economical ways to transport cargoes.


Maritime freights can be delivered in very distant locations.


Very large and voluminous cargoes can be shipped by sea. No other type of transport ensure such voluminous carriage.
Our professional and experienced consultants will tell you about all stages of cargo delivery and agree on the optimum solution. At Vervo everything starts with free of charge consultation during which your wishes, possibilities and best types of transport are discussed.

Just call and leave everything else up to us:

We will provide free of charge consultation
We will handle all the formalities related to customs
If necessary, we will deliver the freight from door to door
We will offer competitive maritime cargo chartering rates
We will ensure professional support and consultation
Precise information about cargo location

Contact our experienced manager and get your maritime transport offer today!

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