Road freight  - if there is an access, we will deliver!

Freight forwarding company Vervo LLC offers local and international cargo transportation with motor transport, as well as other freight services and different solutions related to logistics.

Cargo transport with vehicles

We are ready to listen to your wishes and find the most comfortable and suitable solution in the existing situation. The range of Vervo services is rather extensive — we offer different cargo delivery services.

Local road transport services

Local carriage by motor transport in the territory of Latvia.

Full freight transport

All locations accessible with motor vehicles are suitable for maritime transport.

International freight services

International and freight transport to more than 120 countries.

Liquid and bulk cargo

Freights to be carried with specialised

Express cargo delivery

Fast international and local freight forwarding by motor transport

Hazardous cargo

Explosive, combustible or similarly hazardous materials.

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What are the most important advantages of Vervo road transport?

Vervo road transport is a fast and most popular way to deliver the cargo to its destination. The most important advantages ensured by road transport are:

Door to door

We could arrange an exact date of goods collection and deliver it to your desired location.

Consolidated cargo

If necessary, you can combine your freight with other customers to significantly reduce your carriage costs. Costs are comprised depending on the location of delivery and reception.

Temperature-controlled freight

We are ready to transport also temperature-controlled cargoes during the entire route.

Means of transport available at Vervo LLC

Did you first thought of a truck? Yes, they are quite suitable both for the consolidated and full cargoes, but our offer is not limited only to a truck. At Vervo you can choose one among several road transport types to carry your cargo:

Road freight
Minibuses (<2t, 14m3)
Vehicles (<7,5t, 50m3)
Vehicles with tent trailer/semi-trailer (<24t, 80m3, 92m3, 120m3)
Vehicles with mega trailer's semi-trailer (<24t, 100m3)
Vehicles with jumbo semi-trailer (<24t, 100m3)
Vehicles with isotherm trailer or semi-trailer (<24t, 92m3)
Vehicles refrigerated trailer or semi-trailer (T°C:-18° +18°)
Vehicles with cargo platform (<35t, <40m)
Vehicles for container transport (20”, 40”)
Vehicles with a tank/tank-truck (1-3 chambers, ADR, chemical, food)

Cargo transport with vehicles — the most popular type of carriage!

In order to become a leader in a particular field, one has to be very diligent. The company Vervo has earned customers’ loyalty due to four advantages:

Fast delivery and price

Contemporary customer finds it important to bring resources spent for a freight carriage to the minimum. If you choose the consolidated cargoes, you will save your time and money spent for the transport.

Full range logistics services

In order to fulfil your wishes, we sometimes cooperate with reliable partners, carefully chosen by us to meet your expectations.

Carriage planning

During the course of the years our employees have become skilful experts, who will be able to help you in any situation by solving problems and answering the questions.


Our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices, allowing you to track your cargo at any time. In order to provide an additional safety, we are ready to look for other solutions, for example, cargo escort, security and insurance.

3 steps to freight transport

Planning of freight routes is always a time consuming process and not everyone is able to do it, therefore Vervo is ready to help you! There are few steps from the offer to the purchase. How to do it? Just take the following steps:


Visit the website of Vervo, fill out the application form and specify the available information about the carriage, and the transport manager will contact you.

Get offer

Your transport manager will find the optimum
route offer.


Execute documents concerning freight carriage by coordinating date, time and place of dispatch.

We will also take care of formalities — you will not have to worry and spend time to settle import and export formalities.

Vervo LLC ensures full cycle of freight carriage — from door to door, by making your day easier! Road transport is organised in full scale by solving all issues related to carriage — documents, permits are executed, products are loaded and unloaded.

Please contact us now and get your price offer!

If you are looking for the most reliable and advantageous freight carrier, contact us and together we will manage to find the most suitable route, type of transport and price!

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