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Safe and environmentally friendly rail freight services

Vervo LLC is transport and logistics company offering rail freight services. This type of carriage has many advantages, and we offer not only carriage but also full range logistics services including use of diverse infrastructure

We offer the following types of rail freight services

Container transport with container trains

Rail freight transport is the most comfortable way to transport containers (including intermodal) to China and Asian countries.

Railway freight transport in covered wagons

Covered wagons are used for cargoes which need to be protected from precipitations.

Rail transport in semi-wagons (flat wagons)

Carriage in semi-wagons are intended for consignments not requiring protection against precipitations.

Rail transport with platforms

Railway platforms are suitable for transporting non-standard and large-sized cargoes.

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What are the most important advantages of rail carriage?

Rail transport is a fast and safe way to deliver the cargo in its destination. The main advantages ensured by rail transport are:


Cargo will be protected by qualified safety guards and certified staff

Careful handling of cargo

There is no additional unloading therefore the cargo is not subject to the risk of damage


The optimum solution in terms of price, if the distance to be taken until the destination is large

Cooperation with Vervo — professionalism and flexible conditions

Rail freight
If you cooperate with Vervo, you obtain a professional and experienced partner, who will help you to choose the most efficient type of freight carriage, as well as to use all possibilities provided by modern technologies.

Rail transport is subject to a well-established scheme, ensuring a safe and timely delivery of the consignment, as well as, due to modern technologies, we control train movement in real-time and we can get information about cargo's location at any section of the route.

We will also take care of formalities — you will not have to worry and spend time to settle import and export formalities.

Cargo transport by rail –
the most popular type of carriage!

Container train transport is the most popular among different types of rail transport. It has different reasons — starting with a high safety level and ending with a possibility to transport large-sized cargoes. This service is characterised by the following features:
1. Containers have standard dimensions allowing to transport them further than any other type of transport both inland and in the sea;
2. Vervo LLC undertakes all the responsibility for the customer's freight and ensures full range of services, starting with door to door delivery and ending with cargo insurance and handling of customs formalities.
3. Before dispatch of the cargo, the container is sealed in presence of the customer; there is no need for additional reloading and repeated execution of documents. It guarantees preserving of the cargo during its transport and excludes unauthorised access;
4. There is no need for accompanying transport in case of large-sized cargoes;

Are Vervo rail transport suitable for any cargo? Of course!

Container transport with container trains
Carriage in semi-wagons
Carriage in covered wagons
Carriage with platforms

Our professional and experienced consultants will gladly tell you more about the procedure of rail transport and what services we offer during the first free of charge consultation.

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Vervo team consists of experienced and professional specialists who will choose to select the best solution and solve issues related to rail freight services in the most skilful and operative manner.

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