Local freight forwarding - the most advantageous with own people!

SIA Vervo is transport service company offering local freight carriage. Road carriage is ensured among all major cities. Local domestic road carriage and freight services in the capital and other major cities are performed mainly with motor transport, which is the fastest and most comfortable type of delivery in the country. In case of especially urgent order we can offer local express deliveries.

Your freight — our transport


We have a large fleet for delivering different


We deliver freights to many cities and towns in the same day, and to more distant ones — within one or two days.


We find the most suitable service for the best price for every customer.

Local road transport services

We offer different transport means for your freights so that your goods and products are delivered to the destination in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Freight minibus for urgent deliveries and parcels.
  • Standard freight car with trailers for large or combined freight.
  • Freight platforms for non-standard size, non-standard dimension, heavy and large-sized cargoes.
  • Tank truck to transport liquid cargo.
  • Dump trucks for bulk cargoes.

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Railway freight forwarding

We cooperate with local and international railway companies therefore we ensure cargo forwarding and local transport services also by rail. We offer full range logistics services and rail transport. Means of transport and used infrastructure can be combined in different ways so that the local freight carriage and carriage in major cities are performed in the most efficient manner and your cargo would be delivered from door to door.

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Warehouse services

For convenience of customers Vervo LLC offers also full range local logistics and warehouse services. Your cargoes may be safely stored both in open territories and different storehouses in the capital and regional centres.

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Inland logistics services

  • Local door to door carriage
  • Supply and delivery of consolidated freights
  • Full local freight transport
  • Urgent local freight transport
  • Local liquid cargo transport
  • Local bulk cargo transport
  • Local hazard freight transport
  • Local temperature-controlled freight transport
  • Local warehouse services
  • Domestic freight insurance

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Local road freight services in convenient term

We offer delivery terms depending on the distance. The less the distance, the sooner we can deliver your cargo. Ask Vervo LLC about any inland transport services, because dozens of trucks both tent cargo trailers and cargo vans with full or consolidated freights drive on a daily basis.

What are the most important advantages of Vervo freight forwarding?

Vervo freight carriage is a fast and safe way to deliver the cargo in its destination. The most important advantages ensured by our freight carriage are:


Carriage control from planning to unloading and handing over of documents


We care for the business of our customers, therefore we treat your property as our property.


We offer the most advantageous transport conditions for our services

Please contact us now and get your price offer!

Vervo team consists of experienced and professional specialists who will choose to select the best solution and solve issues related to international carriage in the most skilful and operative manner.

Logistics and freight forwarding news

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Riga airport serviced more than 40% of passengers and cargoes in Baltics

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CLECAT: Mobility package falls short of the EU’s internal market ambitions

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