Heavy Lift Cargo

Oversize load transportatation – no compromise on the quality

Do you need to transport any oversize laod or non-standard cargoes but cannot find a suitable option? We will be able
to help you!

What does a heavy lift and non-standard cargo transport offer?

Non-standard, heavy lift or oversize load cargo cannot be placed in a typical cargo box or container, therefore it needs a special transport, and we, here at Vervo, offer such option. The most popular items requiring non-standard cargo transport:

Construction machinery

Modular houses

Agricultural and forestry machinery

Wind generators

Industrial machinery

Building structure elements

Metal constructions of varied configuration

And other non-standard cargoes

Contact us and we will offer you competitive prices and acceptable terms for non-standard and heavy lift cargo .

Non-standard and heavy lift cargoes are carried with a unique equipment, providing wide configuration possibilities depending on the type of cargo. Our carriers are equipped with the new generation engines, which meet the environmental requirements and provide the necessary capacity to transport every heavy lift and non-standard cargo.

Non-standard cargoes are transported by road with the following vehicles or equipment:

Telescopic trailers with stackable height at 300-450 mm and weight up to 45 t
Telescopic trailers with stackable height at 850-920 mm and weight up to 95 t
Telescopic freight platforms not exceeding 37 m in length

VERVO heavy lift and non-standard cargo transport and its advantages

If you choose VERVO services you won't have to worry about individual nuances, because we offer full range service comprised of:

Step 1

Professional consultations

Our specialists will discuss with you issues about non-standard and heavy lift cargoes and related additional actions and terms free of charge

Step 1

Step 2

Preparation of documents

We will prepare all the necessary documentation as well as harmonise it with the responsible institutions. All cargoes managed by us are also insured.

Step 3


We will plan the route and do the investigation to guarantee the safest and quickest delivery.

Step 3

Step 4

Beneficial conditions

We offer especially beneficial cooperation conditions as well as different payment types and terms for our permanent customers.
In order to ensure quick and safe delivery of international heavy lift cargo, we also use maritime transport. The most widely used port to port transport:
Lielgabarīta kravu pārvadājumi

Travemunde port

Travemunde port in Germany – Liepaja or Ventspils port in Latvia

Tallinn port

Tallinn port in Estonia – Helsinki port in Finland/span>

Trelleborg port

Trelleborg port in Sweden – Rostock port in Germany.

Nynashamn port

Nynashamn port in Sweden – Ventspils port in Latvia
Non-standard and heavy lift cargoes are carried also by rail; we offer also intermodial non-standard cargo carriage.

We will also take care of formalities — you will not have to worry and spend time to settle import and export formalities.

Non-standard cargo transport for everyone


We also plan the carriage and do the technical preparation depending on the type of the cargo to be transported


Goods are loaded and unloaded by professional and responsible staff


We organise escort transport services and police escort, if such option is required


We execute all the necessary documents to ensure a smooth delivery

Contact us and we will plan and deliver your cargo!

Non-standard, heavy lift and large-sized cargoes are transported by Vervo LLC professionally and safely, without causing any harm to the environment and always in line with the stipulated terms. Experienced and professional specialists will always help to find the best solution for each type of cargo.

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