Air freight shipping- deliveries that make you fly!

Vervo LLC is transport and logistics company offering air freight from and to more than 70 countries worldwide. Our company values the time of customers therefore we offer air freight shipping service range, including customs agent services and cargo insurance.

Why air freight shipping is the best solution exactly for you?

Freight can be carried in different ways — by maritime transport, by road transport, nevertheless air freight has its advantages. We have the answers — such type of carriage provides you:

A possibility to save time of all parties concerned
Consolidated air freight is not only fast, but also safe.
Possibility to transport especially urgent cargoes

Besides, we will take care of all the necessary customs formalities and provide full customs agent service pack for the air freight cargoes.


Experienced employees and partners in every stage of cargo processing


Metal, medications, pets — each cargo will be handled with the greatest care


We use contemporary monitoring system ensuring supervision of airfreight content therefore the route of your consignment is known from the beginning to the end.
Air freight
Due to many years of cooperation with professional and skilful partners in the air freight industry, we guarantee the highest safety for your consignment, and we also can offer the shortest transit time thus allowing to transport goods with short shelf live. If the customers wish so, we also insure air freight consignments, besides they are delivered in strict accounting warehouse serviced by professional staff and watched over by certified security guards — the cargo is placed in a lockable warehouse with video surveillance.
Number of consignments and cargo flow becomes larger in Riga airport every year thus the capital of Latvia starts to claim its position as an important transport hub in routes such as America — Western Europe — Nordic countries — CIS countries and consolidated freights become more and more popular. Vervo has agreements with airlines, and the warehouse in the territory of Riga airport allows us offering competitive prices and full service range related to road carriage and air freight.
Air freight shipping

Air freight shipping offered by Vervo:

Import air freight around the globe
Export air freight around the globe
Medicinal goods air freight
Animal air freight
Dangerous goods (ADR) air freight
Perishable goods air freight
Door to door delivery
Consolidated consignments across the globe
Since airfreight does not amount to merely delivery
of a consignment, we offer a full range of services related to airfreight, consolidated cargoes and transporting:

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Our team consists of experienced and professional experts who will offer the best solutions for freight
transport in a skilful and operative manner, as well as help you to solve any issues which may arise in case of
an air freight.

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