Warehouse services, freight consolidation and processing!

SIA Vervo is a transport and logistics service provider offering both full range logistics and warehouse services. Our warehouse services provide a possibility to store customer cargoes in different warehouses (for example, medications or customs warehouses) and open territories by ensuring accounting and regular inventory of stored products.
Besides — we offer very friendly prices for customs services!

Why Vervo warehouse services is your best solution?

Regardless of whether or not you wish to store food, medications or excise goods, we have something to offer.
Vervo warehouse service range includes:

Customs warehouses
Medication warehouses
Temperature-controlled warehouses
Warehouses for storing food products with FITO sanitary certificates
Services of excise products
Transit warehouse services

Our warehouse network is located in Riga and the largest cities of Latvia with a comfortable access for all means of transport. Extensive cargo terminal network in all countries of Europe. We ensure access to storehouses 24/7. Due to wide opportunities given by warehouses we execute any documents.

Main advantages of Vervo warehouses:

Piekļuves iespējas

We ensure 24/7 access to goods stored in our warehouses


Warehouses are located both in Riga and major cities of Latvia and we also have wide network of cargo terminals in all European countries

Full range of services

We offer execution of all related documents and insurance

What do we offer and when to use it?

Freight consolidation and arrangement

If you have a number of separate cargoes that you need to receive and arrange for further transport as one freight — no problem with that! In our warehouses you can arrange and consolidate your cargoes as needed.

Product distribution

Warehouse services can be used to store products before they are sent further in batches to different locations.

Customs warehouses and product storage in them

If customs procedures are required, we offer customs warehouses that can be also temperature-controlled, if needed, and also guarded. Any customs warehouse available to you has received an operational permit.

Heated and regular warehouses

We offer different types of warehouses depending on storage conditions necessary for your cargo. There are fields and special conditions indoors with temperature-controlled premises, as well as warehouses suitable for medications or food.

Our professionalism - your advantages

Vervo - a team characterised by professionalism. Do not worry about your cargo, our service range includes:

24/7 guarded warehouse
Fixed and predictable warehouse costs
Advantageous terms and conditions for long-term storage
Warehouse services have available prices
Arrangement of customs formalities (if necessary)
Execution of supporting documents is available

Since logistics services do not amount to merely storage of a cargo, we offer full range of services related to airfreight, consolidated cargoes and transporting.

Please contact us now and get your price offer!

The experienced and professional Vervo specialists will gladly help to view your needs and find the best solution from our extensive range. If you need warehouse services or customs warehouse, contact our customer manager and we will find a suitable solution, besides — our warehouse services will cheer you up in terms of price!

Warehouse service news

Insulated buildings help increase storage space

Insulated buildings help increase storage space

Jun 27, 2019
FTS Eiendom in Norway is set to streamline its flow of goods and expand storage capacity with the help of Rubb fabric structures.
Temporeary warehouses ease the squeeze Spaciotempo beats Brexit: Aganto stretch Britax’s storage: 30-year Rubb building

Temporeary warehouses ease the squeeze Spaciotempo beats Brexit: Aganto stretch Britax’s storage: 30-year Rubb building

Jun 27, 2019
The Brexit episode hasn’t been much fun for Britain’s warehouses, facing the need to build up stocks ahead of the anticipated bottleneck at our ports and the problem of where to store them.
Westgate launch first-to-market product to tackle roof light heat, glare and UV issues

Westgate launch first-to-market product to tackle roof light heat, glare and UV issues

Jun 18, 2019
Easipanel is designed for factories and warehouses where there is a requirement to reduce heat and/or glare and UV from entering via existing roof lights, but there is a need to maintain natural light.