Loading and unloading

If it can be transported, it can be lifted!

We, transport and logistics company SIA Vervo, have always been a reliable transport operator, ensuring safe transport of goods. Do you wish to transport a cargo, but have no loading or unloading equipment? Vervo team is ready to offer the optimum loading or unloading solution, leaving you confident about preparation of the cargo for transport.

Why do you need a professional loading and unloading service?

If you do not possess a proper equipment for efficient and precise cargo loading or unloading, Vervo specialist will find the optimum solution depending on specifics and volume of cargo. To load or unload cargo safely, and also where manual loading (use of human resources) is too time-consuming or is not possible due to cargo weight.


Coordinated search for equipment intended for loading or unloading


Communication with one logistics specialist, who will load, deliver and unload your cargo


We will choose the most efficient solution depending on the cargo.

Vervo offers full range of logistics services. Cargo loading and unloading is one stage of delivery, which should be at good quality to prevent the goods from damaging during loading or unloading.

Counterweight loaders

High capacity loaders ensure good visibility in all directions. Loader pole ensures height up to 7.5 m and lifting capacity up to 5 t.
Cargo loading
Rotary telescopic handlers

Rotary telescopic handlers

High level loaders intended for special loading works in a confined space. Lifting capacity up to 5.5 t and maximum lift height up to 32 m.

Telescopic handlers

For loading containers, lifting capacity up to 21 t and maximum lift high up to 10.2 m
Telescopic handlers
Fork lift truck

Fork lift truck

Optimum solution for loading cargo up to 10 t.

Heavy loading equipment

Used to load and unload non-standard dimension cargoes or large-sized one piece cargoes up to 48 t.

Heavy loading equipment

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