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International carriage prices

It is advantageous to perform international and local carriage with SIA Vervo, because every carriage is performed at maximally reduced fixed costs. Based on experience accumulated over many years, we have elaborated advantageous routes by finding ways to save at the expense of transportation costs. We provide professional free of charge consultation to the new customers about all cargo transport services, and also to the permanent customers, if they need it, for example, when choosing a delivery in new routes. We offer different payment types and terms for freight carriage. Our new customers we offer welcome prices, but permanent customers — discounts and also different bonuses to our cooperation in international and local freight carriage.

Local carriage prices

Local carriage is mainly performed with road vehicles; prices are determined according to the actual mileage

Import carriage prices

Import carriage prices can be reduced by choosing the most advantageous transport route and type.

Export carriage prices

Export freight delivery prices are determined according to the destination of goods to be exported

Transit carriage prices

Transit carriage prices are determined by the international competitiveness of transit corridor as well as geopolitical situation

Costs of freight transport services

Vervo LLC is freight carriage company providing full range of transport and logistics services. We offer full range logistics service, which includes use of different means of transport and infrastructures, providing the best prices for freight transport to our customers.

Costs of delivery with road vehicles

Price for delivery with a motor vehicle is calculated according to the actual mileage plus transit time

Costs of hazardous freight delivery

Customers can receive professional consultation about classification, packaging, loading and transporting of the cargo

Costs of sea transport

Sea transport is one of the most economic ways of freight transport unless time of delivery is a decisive factor

Air transport costs

Air transport is an advantageous and fast way of shipment for urgent deliveries and products with high added value

Rail transport costs

Rail transport price is calculated according to the standard pattern ensuring a cost-effective delivery

Large-sized cargo transport costs

We offer especially beneficial cooperation conditions as well as different payment types and terms for our permanent customers

Logistics service prices

Vervo LLC is a cargo transport company offering full range of additional transport and logistics services besides transport by road, sea and air. We give our customers the best prices for all kinds of additional freight transport services.

Cargo insurance prices

An insured cargo is the most advantageous option to protect yourself from damage whilst spending a little.

Prices of customs agent services

Execution of all documents, handling of customs procedures by agency of SIA Vervo is done electronically and you can save your time.

Warehouse service prices

Very advantageous cooperation conditions both for long-term and short-term storage of goods in a warehouse

Personal belongings transport prices

Our professional staff will listen to your situation and will consult about the most advantageous transport option for your personal belongings.

Express cargo transport prices

Urgent carriage is advantageous, especially if you take express freight transport services of SIA Vervo

Consolidated cargo transport prices

We perform international consolidated cargo transport, meaning that every customer pays only for one direction of transport

Cabotage prices

Due to our extensive network of partners we can find a solution that suits your needs at the most cost-effective transport price

Loading and unloading prices

You can optimise loading and unloading prices when ordering
transport from us

Cattle transport prices

Advantageous cattle transport both locally and

Cargo tracking prices

Cargo tracking service provides accurate information about location of cargo, cutting down costs of standstill
Vervo team consists of experienced and professional specialists who participate in preparation of the most advantageous transport

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