Consolidated cargo transport

The most comfortable solution for small-sized cargo delivery

SIA Vervo is transport and logistics company offering consolidated cargo carriage. By joining cargoes of several customers we ensure optimum costs, because they are distributed among several persons. Consolidated cargoes are grouped by the destination, volume, type of goods. We ensure the most economic and optimum freight delivery according to customer's budget from any point in the world.

What does the consolidated cargo transport offer?

A consolidated cargo consists of cargoes of several customers, brought in one transport unit, provided that their delivery locations are relatively close to each other. It allows reducing costs taken by the customer. SIA Vervo offers delivery of such cargoes to and from any place in the world in all available ways and cargo sizes. We will deliver your cargo according to the chosen way of transport — road, sea or air. Delivery time depends on the distance of cargo's destination.
Consolidated cargoes by road involving terminals
Consolidated cargoes by road with door to door delivery, not involving terminals
Use of maritime transport (LCL)
Use of air transport

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The main advantages of consolidated cargoes


When arranging the consolidated transport of cargoes of several customers, we get the optimum price solution


We can bring even small cargoes from any place in the world.

Temperature-controlled cargoes

It is possible to transport cargoes that need a special temperature mode, making sure that product quality is not compromised during transporting.

Advantages provided by cooperation with SIA Vervo

We coordinate total amount of freight carriage to ensure the best transport quality, place and prices for customers’ consolidated cargo transport. We also provide full service and door to door delivery. Services offered by us include:

Consolidated cargo transport
Free of charge consultation
Timely delivery of consolidated cargoes
Safety of delivery of consolidated cargoes
Door to door delivery of consolidated cargoes
Reduction of delivery costs
Delivery of various types of cargoes
Worldwide delivery
SIA Vervo ensures full cycle of freight carriage - from door to door, by making your day easier! Consolidated cargo transport is organised in full scale by solving all issues related to carriage - documents, permits are executed, products are loaded and unloaded.

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