Logistics services

Basis for freight carriage

Want to be sure about at what time your freight arrives at its destination and what is the route to take? Here, with experienced freight carriers, you can choose between several types of services and relax knowing that your freight reaches its destination in any of over 120 countries worldwide.

Cargo insurance

We, transport and logistics company SIA Vervo, have always been a reliable freight carrier, which ensures that transport of goods is safe and cargo insurance advantageous with us. Do you wish to transport a freight but are afraid about its safety? Do not worry, because Vervo team is ready to insure a cargo and let you feel safe about the transportation process.

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Customs agent services

Customs agent services is a set of services aimed at one goal — to ensure import and export of precious goods as well as transit procedures.

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Warehouse services

Vervo LLC is transport and logistics service provider offering both full range logistics and warehouse services. Our warehouse services provide an opportunity to store customers’ freights in different warehouses (for example, medication storage or in customs storehouses) and open fields, if necessary, ensuring also the accounting and regular inventory of the stored goods. Besides — we offer very friendly prices for customs services!

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Transport of personal belongings

Vervo LLC - is transport and logistics company offering different transport services for carriage of personal belongings and private goods to natural persons by selecting the best individual solution in each situation.

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Consolidated cargo transport

Vervo LLC is transport and logistics company offering consolidated cargo carriage. By joining cargoes of several customers we ensure optimum costs, because they are distributed among several persons. Consolidated cargoes are grouped by the destination, volume, type of goods. We ensure the most economic and optimum freight delivery according to customer's budget from any point in the world.

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Vervo LLC is high class freight carriage company with extensive experience in its field, putting professionalism, quality and customers in the centre of its business. Professional specialists who are ready to help solving any issues related to freight transport services are part of our team.

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