Large parking lots near roads are to be rented to businessmen

From now on Latvijas Valsts ceļi (Latvia’s State Roads) will have the right to rent out large parking lots near roads to entrepreneurs by means of auction. This is provided by the government’s August 20 amendments to the Law on Roads, which the legal base for European Council’s resolution regarding the creation of secure cargo vehicles parking lots.

In addition to that, if the tenant also procures services of security personnel, he will have the right to collect payment for security services from cargo truck drivers, Transport Ministry reports.

There are currently 159 parking lots located near roads in Latvia. There are also 60 resting areas available free of charge for all drivers. Because it is currently impossible to find additional fund in the budget and the need for providing secure parking lots gradually increases, it is offered to find additional funding by involving entrepreneurs.

The creation of secure cargo truck parking lots is also encouraged by the European Council’s October 27, 2010 resolution regarding the prevention and combating of crime involving cargo trucks and guarantee security on parking lot territory.

Entrepreneurs will have the right to offer not just security services but also services like catering, accommodation, shopping at the parking lots. They will also be allowed to create proper infrastructure to cater to the needs of their clients.

The bill provides a delegation to the Cabinet of Ministers to issue rules that would set the minimal level of services. At the same time, drivers who do not wish to use services of such parking lots will be allowed not to enter them but still use the free parking lots.

Because offering security services, creation of appropriate cargo truck infrastructure and offering of other services is considered commercial activity, the state has no right to get itself involved or otherwise influence the prices set for the use of the aforementioned parking lots. The state will only be allowed to set the rent price for entrepreneurs’ use of parking lot space.

Amendments still need to be reviewed by the parliament before they are implemented.


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