International container transport

International container transport

By cooperating with the transport and logistics company Vervo, it is possible to perform not only all land freight transport, but also container transport, which ensures combined (LCL) and full (FCL) freight transport from port to port or from door to door. Container transport can be done by sea by container ship, by rail by freight train or by land by truck.

Container transport usually takes place by sea, ensuring the best possible costs, for example in cases where long distances have to be traveled from China to the USA and back. However, special container trailers, called container carriers, are used to transport containers from port to port. Last year one of our logistics managers transported two 20 ”(feet) containers from Riga to Klaipeda, where they were loaded on a container ship.

What are the advantages of container transport?

Firstly, when we are speaking of long distances such as the Latvian-Chinese or US-Latvian routes, one of the advantages of container transport is the lowest price compared to air or rail freight. Secondly, container transport has a big variety of different types of containers as well as cargo capacity. It can transport dangerous goods (ADR), liquid cargo as well as bulk cargo and even cargo that requires special temperature control. Thirdly, it guarantees the safety of the cargo. Standard containers protect against external conditions that could damage the cargo- bad weather or theft.

There are many options. We offer different types of containers, from furniture, household appliances and beverage packaging in standard 20- and 40-inch containers to ADR goods, tank containers or ISO containers.

Transport and logistics company SIA Vervo performs all types of cargo transportation to more than 120 countries around the world. If you need international container transportation, entrust it to the knowledgeable and professional specialists of SIA Vervo, who have accumulated a lot of experience in such transportation. We also provide additional customs brokerage services, offer cargo insurance and help you with documentation (permits, licenses, etc.) to allow you more time to develop your business. Contact SIA Vervo logistics specialists by writing an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., calling by phone no. +371 67674570 or filling in the application form on our website.

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