Transport of personal belongings within Europe

Transport of personal belongings within Europe

The mobility is associated with frequent travels, and travels are related to the forwarding of personal belongings too.

Travelling in Europe is a daily routine for a multitude of EU citizens, including the large number of students and experts who travel to other countries to college or work. The necessity for the forwarding of larger volumes of personal belongings can occur for shorter travels as well as for moving to other European countries. The transport of personal belongings can be handles by the European logistics companies.

Complete care for the personal belongings including picking up, packing, transport and delivery to the final destination

These additional services facilitating the carrying of personal belongings from one country to another provided by the freight forwarders attract all travelers who need to transport their personal belongings along with them. The forwarders can handle small or big volumes, and can provide the loading, packing and transport of the belongings from the address given by the customer to the address of the final destination. This can save time and effort for the customers.

The packing of the personal belonging is another necessary service provided by the network of forwarders. It is done in accordance to the type of items being transported, and so as to preserve them during the transport. Smaller deliveries can be done as part of a groupage service, whilst bigger volumes can be carried as complete loads. The deliveries are as quick as possible, so as to be available to the customers as soon as possible at the new destination.

During the forwarding service, all customers can receive real time information regarding their belongings. The modern tracking systems used by the international freight forwarders allow for immediate information regarding the status of the belongings being delivered.

Advantages of the groupage transport for personal belongings

The European logistics association provides regular groupage services for the forwarding of personal belongings. They are suitable for carrying smaller volumes of belongings. The cooperation between the forwarders throughout Europe allows for regular transport to all European countries. This way, the customers of IFA can ensure that their personal belongings are delivered in time to reach the destination upon the arrival of their owners at the new destination.

Forwarding personal belongings as a complete load

The Freight forwarders association offers transport solutions such as complete loads for personal items, in case the volume is big or upon request by the customers. A separate vehicle is used for each complete load. Road transport is most commonly used by the European logistics network for forwarding in Europe. The personal belongings of the customers can be transported via separate vans or trucks whenever they need to travel or move to another European country.

The express forwarding of personal belongings to different European destinations

In order to meet the demand for quick transport of personal belongings to different European destinations, the freight forwarders Europe offer express forwarding services. The cooperation between the member companies of the network of freight forwarders allow for the quick and easy express delivery of personal belongings to all European destinations. The close cooperation between the member companies in the different European countries allows for the best combining the transport and the use of optimal routes for the express forwarding services.


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