Westgate launch first-to-market product to tackle roof light heat, glare and UV issues

Easipanel is designed for factories and warehouses where there is a requirement to reduce heat and/or glare and UV from entering via existing roof lights, but there is a need to maintain natural light.

The product has been developed to help combat several common issues including; reducing excessive heat for employees nearer to roof lights on mezzanine floors, reducing H&S glare issues in environments with heavy forklift traffic and preventing product spoilage from heat and UV on high bay racking, which places products closer to roof lights.

Easipanel is manufactured using multiwall polycarbonate sheets that are custom designed and installed to suit your building’s roof light configuration. The installation methods and components used ensure that no damage is done to the existing roof or roof lights, and panels can be easily removed if required.

Depending on the environment, a heat reduction of approximately 53% can be achieved, as well as approximately 55% shading coefficient. This can be done whilst still maintaining up to 50% of natural light, which is more than is achieved with the alternative of painting roof light panels. Easipanel also works to reduce UV fading.

Source: http://warehousenews.co.uk/