World’s largest aircraft to land at Riga Airport

World’s largest aircraft to land at Riga Airport

This Thursday, June 12th, the world’s largest aircraft An-225 Mriya will land at Riga International airport at 14:00. It will arrive in order to carry equipment and machinery of Latvian troops to the European Union military operation area in the Central African Republic.

An-225 Mriya (Ukrainian for dream) is a heavy transport aircraft. It was constructed in USSR in 1980 in Antonov’s Constructors office. It is the longest and heaviest aircraft in the world, as reported by Defence Ministry.

The aircraft’s total cargo capacity is 250 tons; maximum lift-off capacity is 640 tons, wingspan – 88 m.

There is only one An-225 unit in the world.

Riga Airport is prepared to welcome the largest aircraft in the world.


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