First 30 000 ton timber cargo sent from Estonia to China

From Estonia’s largest cargo port, the Muuga Harbour, the first cargo ship carrying 30 000 tons of timber owned by Estonian wood exporter Westwood Group departed for the port of Lanshan, China.

Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports citing port terminal operator Transiidikeskus that the vessel carrying the shipment of timber is the general cargo ship Kraszewski, which is the largest timber-carrying ship yet to enter Muuga Harbor and it left Estonia last weekend.

Vladimir Popo, the Transiidikeskus board chairman, commented that careful negotiations had been held previously with Chinese partners: «Our partners thoroughly investigated the technical possibilities and experience of our terminal; they had a special interest in our innovative solutions.»

The next ship, carrying another 30,000 tons of timber, is scheduled to depart for China at the end of this year and subsequently such cargoes are expected to leave from Estonia to China around every two months.