Economy Ministry: liquefied gas terminal must be built in Riga

Economy Ministry: liquefied gas terminal must be built in Riga

Latvia Economy Ministry (EM) and the government’s standpoint regarding liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal construction in Riga has not changed – it should be built in Riga port, EM representative Evita Urpena told business portal

LNG project in Latvia will fill the gap in energy supply in the Baltic region, ensuring gas supply and sources diversification and boosting competitiveness, she explains, adding that Latvia has a number of advantages to secure smaller costs of infrastructure adjustments to include the terminal in the region’s gas supply system. Also, the existing underground gas storage in Inčukalns will ensure the lowest possible price by purchasing natural gas when it is the cheapest.

On December 14, 2010, the Coordination Council for Large and Strategically Important Investment Projects approved the EM’s proposal to carry out LNG project in Latvia. AS Latvenergo was ordered to carry out the initial estimates.

Similarly, back then it was also agreed EM and Foreign Affairs Ministry will start negotiations with the European Commission and other EU member states on their possible support in LNG construction in Latvia.

EM points out Riga, Ventspils and Liepaja ports ensure the necessary draft. Moreover, Riga and Ventspils ports already do offer docks for handling of hazardous cargo, however, Ventspils is not linked to the gas supply system. Thus Riga port is the most suitable option. Moreover, none of the ports freezes in winter, so they ensure navigation all year round.


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