Exporters look at air freight opportunities at Riga airport

Exporters look at air freight opportunities at Riga airport

Last week, representatives of more than 40 Latvian exporting companies gathered at Riga International Airport to look at air freight opportunities offered by the airport and companies working there.

A great deal of interest was provided to results of the first freight operations performed by Turkish Cargo in Baltics in summer. Introduction of this freight route helped Turkish Airlines increase its cargo market share in Riga from 2% to 6% with a stable outlook for the future.

Businessmen also took into account the news that Turkish Cargo intends to maintain its Istanbul – Riga – Istanbul route in the 2017/2018 winter season.

«There are also several import and export projects associated with Turkish Cargo freight routes. This allows us to believe that this carries is here in Riga to stay,» says Riga International Airport board chairman’s advisor Artūrs Kokars.

He also emphasized that this particular route offers a unique opportunity for Baltic businessmen to deliver their products to destinations around the world more quickly.

In 2017, Riga airport secured successful development of air freight. 14,400 tonnes of cargoes were processed at the airport in the first eight months, which is 10% more than there was in 2016. The volume of cargoes processed in August grew 12.4% in comparison with August 2016.

It is noted that air freight from Riga airport can now be sent using passenger airlines to more than 60 destinations and using regular cargo flights offered by Turkish Cargo, DHL, UPS and TNT. There is also the option to use charter flights, as well as Boeing 747, which can carry more than 100 tonnes of cargoes in a single flight. Riga International Airport also has four warehouse operators.

The largest portion of air freight at Riga airport is provided by airBaltic, whose market share in the cargo segment is 34.8%.

Riga International Airport has plans to build a new cargo terminal for large aircraft in the near future.

On 1 July, Turkish Cargo carrier owned by Turkish Airlines opened the first regular cargo line in Baltic States: Istanbul – Riga – Istanbul. Flights to Riga are performed twice a week using Airbus 330-200F, which can carry up to 68 tonnes of cargoes.

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