Freight forwarders to be included in a unified register

Freight forwarders to be included in a unified register

Starting from 2013, there will be a unified register of freight forwarders in European Union (EU) which will include information about all registered freight forwarders and offences committed by them, the Ministry of Transport informs.

The information about all freight forwarders licensed in Latvia will be maintained by the State Road Transport Administration (RTA).

RTA will be able to access the corresponding information of competent authorities in other member-states, as well as provide data about Latvian freight forwarders. The new register will ensure the information exchange also about those freight forwarders whose licenses were annulled because of offences committed by them. If a license of a freight forwarder will be annulled in one member-state, it will not be issued in other EU member-states.

Special licences for commercial traffic with road transport also in the future will be issued by RTA. The license will be issued for 10 years, instead of the current 5-year term.

According to the data of RTA, on January 1, 2012, there were 5 213 licensed freight forwarders in Latvia. They own 19 516 vehicles in total.


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