Ten of the most amusing insurance cases in Latvia

Ten of the most amusing insurance cases in Latvia

Although insurance mainly serves as a financial solution for complicated life situations, every now and again people come across the most amusing cases. On this special occasion – April Fools – Swedbank has compiled a list of ten of the most amusing insurance requests submitted by clients.

1.A neighbour’s bull entered my yard and attacked my car, damaging the spoiler and front bumper. Insurance payment reached EUR 460.

2.We were parking outside our home. I noticed a cow, which distracted me. As a result, I backed all the way into a tractor. The outcome of this accident was a broken back window, torn muffler and damaged trunk lid. Insurance payment reached EUR 890.

3.While washing windows, I lost balance and fell, taking the TV set with me. I think the TV set is broken. Insurance payment reached EUR 520.

4.An angry neighbour tied one end of a rope to a car and the other end – to a working gas supply pipe. He then tore the pipe out by backing away in his car. This also created a big hole in the wall of the house. Insurance payment reached EUR 825.

5.While carrying a new sofa to the second floor of the house, one of carriers tripped. The sofa fell and damaged the railing on the stairs. Now we have a damaged sofa and stair railing. The insurance payment reached EUR 560.

6.While driving, I suddenly noticed a car just like mine coming round a turn. We collided. The insurance payment reached EUR 1,340.

7.Aquarium was shattered. Our neighbours from below complained about water dripping on them from the ceiling. Insurance payment reached EUR 460.

8.I damaged the bicycle I had mounted to the roof of my car when I drove into an underground parking lot of a supermarket. The ceiling was too low, which caused the damage. Insurance payment reached EUR 790.

9.Thieves broke into my house at night. Stole two bicycles and two bottles of champagne; maybe they wanted to celebrate their prizes. Insurance payment reached EUR 1,600.

10.An offensive three-letter word was scraped onto the car’s engine lid using a sharp object at night. Insurance payment reached EUR 380.

Source: https://bnn-news.com/

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