Baltic countries

Historically neighbouring countries, Lithuania and Estonia, has been the closest economic partners of Latvia. Import and export volumes from/to these countries by inland transport are balanced, ensuring the best conditions for cargo transport in the Baltic countries.


The fastest and most advantageous cargo delivery by road — by using cargo terminals


Cargo delivery in 1-2 days.


Local cargo delivery between all cities and towns of Latvia.

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Main advantages of Vervo in cargo transport in the
Baltic states.

Vervo LLC is transport service company offering freight forwarding in The Baltic states and across the globe. Road carriage is ensured among all major The Baltic states cities. Local domestic road carriage and freight services in the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian capitals and other major cities are performed mainly with road freight transport, which is the fastest and most comfortable type of delivery in the Baltic countries. In case of especially urgent order we can offer local express deliveries.

Fast deliveries

Door-to-door express

Advantageous conditions

Regular cargo transport allows offering the
best prices.

Delivery network

Delivery of small cargo in entire territory of the Baltic by using cargo terminals.

Besides, we will take care of all the necessary customs formalities and provide full customs agent service pack.

Road transport services in The Baltic states

Road transport services

We offer different transport means for your freights so that your goods and products are delivered to the destination in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Freight minibus for urgent deliveries and parcels.
  • Standard freight car with trailers for large or combined freight.
  • Freight platforms for non-standard size, non-standard dimension, heavy and large-sized cargoes.
  • Tank truck to transport liquid cargo.
  • Dump trucks for bulk cargoes.
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Consolidated cargo transport in the Baltic states

Consolidated cargo transport

Vervo LLC is transport and logistics company offering consolidated cargo carriage in The Baltic states. By joining cargoes of several customers we ensure optimum costs, because they are distributed among several persons. Consolidated cargoes are grouped by the destination, volume, type of goods. We ensure the most economic and optimum freight delivery according to customer's budget from any point in the world.
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Rail Freight in the Baltic states

Rail freight services

Rail transport services in the Baltic states is subject to a well-established scheme, ensuring a safe and timely delivery of the consignment, as well as, due to modern technologies, we control train movement in real-time and we can get information about cargo's location at any section of the route.
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Sea Freight Services in the Baltic states

Sea Freight Services

Not all cities in the Baltic states can be accessed easily and quickly by roads. Sea transport is the most comfortable way to deliver large cargoes if the location of dispatch and reception is located close to the port. Our sea freight services includes all phases of cargo preparation and processing from cargo reception until a successful delivery.
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Freight forwarding services in the Baltic states in convenient term
We offer delivery terms depending on the distance. The less the distance, the sooner we can deliver your cargo. Ask Vervo LLC about any inland transport services in the Baltic states, because dozens of trucks both tent cargo trailers and cargo vans with full or consolidated freights drive on a daily basis.

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