Case study

Large-sized cargo

We are glad about Latvian companies that create high added value product export from an industry so crucial for Latvia — forestry. Module houses produced by Latvian carpenters and craftsmen are being exported to Northern Europe for many years, where they are appraised for their high quality.

If we carry an assembled module house, it is important to plan respective anchoring points and unloading technique before assembly and to plan delivery timely. You will come to optimum solution together with Vervo logistics specialist. Like in this example, when instead of two large-sized cargoes we optimised it on one semi-trailer, and we used telescopic bed on which we placed two houses. From our side, we applied for large-sized cargo permission and harmonisation, we examined and planned the route and, taking into account the width of large-sized cargo (4.2m), we provided an escort car to ensure the load arrives at the customer undamaged.

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