Case study

Express delivery to Denmark

Taking into consideration the increasing demand of customers for fast deliveries, also SIA Vervo offers services where speed of delivery plays a decisive role. This type of cargo delivery is important both for large manufacturers and sellers who must ensure delivery of goods at the agreed time. Just few years ago delivery prices of such cargoes per one kilometre were high, but along with an increasing demand for such type of cargoes to and from Latvia, price per kilometre has considerably decreased.

Delivery of production equipment from Latvia to Denmark. Unexpected additional operations were required in the manufacturing process and consequently production took more time than planned. Our customer was at risk of default and penalty.
Less than 24h were left until delivery of the equipment in Denmark. However, we loaded the cargo at late evening in Dobele, and it arrived timely on Nekselø island; two drivers of a truck with load carrying capacity of 7t performed delivery.
Of course, this route can be done within 24h also in case of standard delivery with a tent semi-trailer, but in such case delivery would be delayed, because a ferry from Klaipeda to Karlshamn departing next day would be taken thus extending delivery by 12h; without knowing such nuances, delivery term would be delayed.

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