Case study

Vehicle transportation and logistics

SIA Vervo provides car carriage services both for private persons and large and small car dealers.

Car logistics is not a simple one, and, perhaps, that is the reason why only few transport and logistics companies do this business.
Our advantage is flexibility and offered door to door car delivery both when importing from auctions and dealer centres and when exporting. It is worthwhile to mention that mainly historical and sports cars are exported; we are glad that Latvian engineers are capable of creating competitive cars for road, drift and rally races.
One example of that is Vilnis Tione who constructed BMW E30 that found its new owner in Belgium, while our task was to deliver it as soon as possible, so that the new owner can train before the race.
Among the options they considered also Express service in closed delivery, but after evaluating all options, we found a solution together with cooperation partners who delivered the car with car carrier trailer to the buyer's door at the agreed time.

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