Transport of wooden constructions

Latvian market of wooden buildings and constructions makes only 5-10% of total volume of wooden frames, panel houses and CLT (cross-laminated timber construction panels) manufactured in Latvia; it means that the majority of produce is exported.

Wooden panel houses and wooden frame houses already have conquered export markets such as Norway, Sweden, Great Britain and France. It must be mentioned that more than a half of wooden panel and frame houses are transported to Norway.

In the nearest years it is expected that high-rise buildings will be built from wood, and, following up the trends in Latvia, we have started manufacturing of CLT panels. High-rise wooden buildings are already being built in Europe, and, considering competitiveness of Latvian companies in manufacturing competitive module houses, we believe that in sector of CLT wooden construction building we will be able to find the right balance between quality and price so that our production is demanded in export markets. Cargo deliveries witness that wooden constructions are being exported.